Enable debug logging for Notifyr

This page describes how to enable debug-level logging for Notifyr in Bitbucket Server and Data Center.

Notifyr logs can be found in <Bitbucket home directory>/log.

Enabling debug logging via the UI (Notifyr 4.4 and later)

To enable debug logging, go to the Bitbucket Server administration area, choose Logging & support (under 'Notifyr') and select Enable debug logging.

Enabling debug logging at runtime (Notifyr 4.3 and earlier)

To enable debug logging for the root logger once Bitbucket has been started, run the following command in a terminal:

curl -u <ADMIN_USERNAME> -v -X PUT -d "" -H "Content-Type: application/json" <BASE_URL>/rest/api/latest/logs/logger/nl.stefankohler.bitbucket/debug
# e.g.
curl -u admin -v -X PUT -d "" -H "Content-Type: application/json" http://localhost:7990/rest/api/latest/logs/logger/nl.stefankohler.bitbucket/debug

Notifyr will write debug logging in the Bitbucket Logs, located in <Bitbucket home directory>/log.

If debug logging is enabled with success, the following line should be in your atlassian-bitbucket.log

nl.stefankohler.bitbucket Switching to log level [debug]