Notifyr 6.0 release notes

Release date: 7 April 2021

Introduction Notifyr - Notifications for Bitbucket 6.0.

Setting up your notifications got a makeover

The repository notifications page has been redesigned and packed full of improvements to make your experience smoother, more enjoyable, and less tedious task.

Watches are now notifications

Previously Notifyr used the term Watch to indicate you would like to receive a notification, for example: Watch or Unwatch project, Manage watches, etc. This term is now Notification, which I think makes more sense. You can now set up your repository notifications and manage your email notifications.

An improved design

Both the repository notifications page as your profile's notifications overview has been redesigned. 

Repository Notifications

The notifications page now starts with the selection of branches for which to receive notifications. The list of branches is paginated to improve load times for those with many branches in their repositories. I've added a filter too, so you can quickly select specific branches.

The Settings tab allows you to select for which actions (pull request create or merge, fork, etc) you would like to receive a notification. You will always receive a notification when new code is pushed, this is reflected too.

Advanced hasn't changed and is for the power-users who like fine-grained control over when to receive a notification.

Notification Overview

The notification overview has had a makeover too and provides more details on the notifications you have configured. 

The Enabled column quickly shows if you will receive notifications for that repository, in some cases you will not and this is explained now. It also indicates if you will receive notifications for all branches or a selection or if you enabled the advanced settings. 

It is also possible to remove a single notification directly from this overview.


To make the redesign possible the REST API got a complete makeover too. This is a breaking change, if you rely on the REST API of Notifyr please reach out so I can help you move to the new API.

What else has changed?

  • All JAVA Packages have been renamed from 'nl.stefankohler...' to 'eu.asksoftware...' if you have your own logging for Notifyr be sure to update this.

Get ready to upgrade

I recommend always testing the upgrade of Notifyr on a non-production environment before upgrading your live environment. In some cases, Bitbucket requires a restart for a successful upgrade of Notifyr. Remember to renew your active software maintenance license too.


This section will contain information about the Notifyr - Notifications for Bitbucket 6.0.x minor releases as they become available.

Notifyr 6.0.1

  • Fixed the import and export of projects and repositories in Bitbucket Data Center
  • Certain Unicode characters were not displayed correctly.
  • Escape filenames and other text in emails to prevent the layout from breaking.

Notifyr 6.0.0

  • Complete makeover of the graphical interface for users
  • New implementation of the REST API

Notifyr can't succeed without your feedback, insight, and recommendations for improvement. Please keep sending your feedback. Thanks so much!