Using wildcards in hook configuration

Notifyr supports a powerful type of pattern syntax for matching file names within the selected branches (similar to pattern matching in Apache Ant).

These expressions use the following wild cards:


Matches one character (any character except path separators)


Matches zero or more characters (not including path separators)


Matches zero or more path segments.

Pattern used in the repository watches match against all files pushed to Stash in the selected watches (or all if selected)

The '**' wild card selector enables you to match arbitrary directories.

  • A pattern can contain any number of wild cards.
  • If the pattern ends with / then ** is automatically appended - e.g. foo/ will match any branches or tags containing a foo path segment

Also see the Ant documentation.



Matches everything


Matches and branch or tag named PROJECT-*, even in a name space.

e.g. refs/heads/PROJECT-1234, refs/heads/stable/PROJECT-new or refs/tags/PROJECT-1.1


Matches any branch or tag of 2 characters separated by a '.'.

e.g. refs/heads/1.1, refs/heads/stable/2.X or refs/tags/3.1

tags/ or


Matches all tags and any branches with 'tags' as a namespace.

e.g. refs/heads/stable/tags/some_branch, refs/tags/project-1.1.0


Matches all branches called master.

e.g. refs/heads/master, refs/heads/stable/master