Using wildcards in hook configuration

Notifyr supports a powerful type of pattern syntax for matching branch names (similar to pattern matching in Apache Ant).

These expressions use the following wild cards:


Matches one character (any character except path separators)


Matches zero or more characters (not including path separators)


Matches zero or more directories in a path

The '**' wild card selector enables you to match arbitrary directories.

  • A pattern can contain any number of wild cards.
  • If the pattern ends with / then ** is automatically appended - e.g. foo/ will match any branches or tags containing a foo path segment

See the Ant documentation.



Matches everything


Matches and branch or tag named PROJECT-*, even in a namespace.



Matches any branch or tag of 2 characters separated by a '.'.


/**/tags/ or /**/tags/**

Matches all tags and any branches with 'tags' as a namespace.



Matches all branches called master.