Data Center Migration Support

Available since version: 3.9.0 4.2.0

Data Center Migration is a tool for admins to allow consolidation of multiple Bitbucket instances or move from a server to a Data Center instance.

Git data can be imported or exported into Bitbucket Data Center from another Bitbucket Server or Data Center deployment, along with pull requests, comments and attachment history.

This feature is only available to customers with a Bitbucket Data Center instance.

More information about Data Center Migration can be found on the Atlassian website

Notifyr data included in the migration

GlobalFavorite projects (per user)(tick)(tick)

Favorite repositories (per user)(tick)(tick)

Global settings (ie. whitelist)(error)(error)
ProjectProject watches(tick)(tick)
Repository Watches (per user)(tick)(tick)

Watches on branches (per user)(tick)(tick)

Notification hook configuration(tick)(tick)

Settings (ie. subject)(tick)(tick)