Notifyr - Notifications for Bitbucket

Do you want to keep track of certain repositories or even branches? Do you want to know when somebody pushed changes to Master? Notifyr will send you an email notification with the commits and affected files, every time somebody pushed his changes to Bitbucket! From there you can dive in, checkout the changes and stay up-to-date!

Notifyr - Notifications for Bitbucket Server enables your team to quickly:

  • Keep track of changes in important code
  • Get notified when branches and tags are created
  • Create repository hooks for notifications to i.e. mailings lists

Some happy customers include: Google, Nordstrom, Citrix, Apple, Rabobank

Notifyr's key features:

  • HTML notifications including changed files
  • Option to include file diff in the notifications
  • Notifications are sent when changes are pushed to Bitbucket
  • Notifications on branch/tag creation
  • Notifications on Pull request creation and merging
  • Highly configurable repository hook to send notification to i.e. mailing lists