Administrator notes for Digests

Digests work out-of-the-box and, besides a working email server, doesn’t require any setup. There are some points to understand the working of Digests for Bitbucket better.


Digests records events in your Bitbucket environment; these are events triggered by, i.e., commits, new projects, or changes to pull requests. Only the information needed to build the digests is stored in Digests specific tables in the Bitbucket database.

Sending digests

Every hour a job is triggered that will check if any user has configured to receive a digest. This job is started at xx:01:42, yes; the 42 is intentional (wink)


Digests does a bit of housekeeping to remove all events recorded more than 14 days ago. This housekeeping job starts at 00:02:05 every night. Times are based on the timezone of the server.


There is no configuration for Digests. Users are able to build their own schedule using the ‘Email Digest’ option in their profile menu.