Search users

As a JIRA administrator, you can manage users using the Advanced Admin Suite.

  1. Select  > Advanced Admin Suite
  2. Select User Management from the left menu

In addition to searching for users on the name or username, the results can also be filtered using the Status Filter.

Filter options are:

Last loginSelect a date range from a predefined set, or set your custom range. Users matching the range are returned.
It's also possible to return users who have never logged in into Jira.
Application AccessReturn users who are able to use the selected applications. Selecting multiple applications will return users who have access to either one of the selected applications. (it's not considered an AND statement)
Not all applications may apply to your environment
Is ActiveToggle between active users, inactive users or both
Count towards licenseReturn users who count towards the license based on the application access and/or active status.

A filter can also be inverted, returning the users who do not meet the filter requirements.

ie: All users who have not logged in this month