Advanced Admin Suite 1.0.1

Release date: 12 Mar 2019

ASK Software is proud to announce the release of Advanced Admin Suite for JIRA 1.0.1

Some solid feedback was given by the beta testers, for which my appreciation. Some minor feedback has been incorporated in this release.

The user rename dialog has been simplified and better error handling has been added. Additional checks have been added when a user exists in multiple directories.

Plus we made a few small improvements:

  • WebSudo has been added to the Admin Suite for improved security
  • Applying a new search filter will automatically refresh the results
  • The Jira date/time formatting is now being used, including custom formats
  • The bulk change cancel button now correctly cancels your operation and returns to the user manager

We can't succeed without your feedback, insight, and recommendations for improvement so please keep sending your feedback directly via the feedback button on the left side of any page in Advanced Admin Suite for Jira. Thanks so much!