Advanced Admin Suite 1.1.0 release notes

Release date: 9 January 2020

ASK Software is proud to announce the release of Advanced Admin Suite for Bitbucket 1.1.0


  • Introduction bulk operations for users

Bulk operations for user management

Bitbucket administrator can search for users based on their name and extend this search by filtering on ie. last login date or permissions.

Several bulk operations can be performed on users:

  • Add / Remove from groups
  • Delete users
  • Clear SSH access keys

More operations are on the backlog, please let me know which operation you would like to see next!


This section will contain information about the Advanced Admin Suite for Bitbucket 1.1.x minor releases as they become available. 

We can't succeed without your feedback, insight, and recommendations for improvement so please keep sending your feedback directly via the feedback button in Advanced Admin Suite for Bitbucket. Thanks so much!